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Profile of Madaripur Legal Aid Association (MLAA) E-mail

Established: March 1978

Legal Status: NGOAB No-055 / 22-04-1981

Vision: ‘Just Society’

Mission: The Mission of the MLAA is to establish a society where people, particularly poor and destitute women and their children can live in justice and peace.

Goals: Improved quality of life for disadvantaged people through establishing their human and legal rights, as well as women’s rights, to encourage peaceful coexistence.

• To make local justice systems more effective.
• To improve disadvantage people’s access to the formal judicial system.
• To institutionalize and modernize the traditional mediation system
• To contribute to the establishment of the rule of law and human rights culture in Bangladesh by raising awareness.
• To advocate for law reform and reform of the legal system to make it more systematic, dynamic and acceptable.

Target Groups:
Disadvantaged people, especially women, are the primary target group. Other stakeholders, such as UP representative, village elites, women leaders, lawyers, judicial officers, law enforcement agency, journalists, media people and NGO activists are the secondary stakeholders.

Current Activities:

• UP Judicial system to activate Village Court & Arbitration Council
• Free legal assistance for the disadvantaged to access the formal judicial system
• Advocacy and Lobbying for Policy Reform
• Dissemination of Madaripur Model of Mediation to institutionalize ADR
• Institutional capacity building (staff development, monitoring & evaluation, human resource development ) of MLAA

Working Areas:
Districts : 3 (Madaripur, Gopalganj and Shariatpur)
Upazilas : 15 (all upazilas of the aforementioned 3 districts)
Unions : 191
Area : 3,815 square km
Households : 6,51,900
Population : 34,18,509 (male 50.4%, female 49.6%)

MLAA Project Area 1. Gopalganj, 2. Madaripur, 3. Shariatpur

Staff: 349 (163 female & 186 male employees)
Panel of Advocates: 55
Panel of Trainers: 24

Head Office:

Madaripur Legal Aid Association (MLAA)
Hamid Akhanda Road,
New Town, Post Box No. 09, Madaripur-7900
Phone: 880-661-55518
Fax: 880- 661-55192

Branch Offices (District or Thana Level):

Madaripur District

Shariatpur District

Gopalganj District

Madaripur Branch / HO

Shariatpur District Branch

Gopalganj District Branch

Rajoir Thana Branch

Naria Thana Branch

Tungipara Thana Branch

Kalkini Thana Branch

Janjira Thana Branch

Kotalipara Thana Branch

Shibchar Thana Branch

Damuddya Thana Branch

Muksudpur Thana Branch


Bhedergonj Thana Branch

Kashiani Thana Branch


Goshairhat Thana Branch


Organizational Structure:
The MLAA has a General Committee comprising 51 members drawn from civil society in the three districts. The General Committee elects 15 members who form the Executive Committee of the organization. The secretary acts as the chief executive. There are also a number of sub-committees consisting of members selected from both the General and the Executive Committee.

MLAA’s Resources:
• Trained Volunteers: MLAA emphasizes participatory strategies to ensure the success of the programmes it runs. It has more than 6000 trained volunteers who actively support and facilitate mediation sessions, especially the programmes relevant to Alternative Dispute Resolution.
• Training and Resource Centre (TARC):
o MLAA has a large training centre (a two-storey academic building, a two-storey male dormitory and three-storey female dormitory), which provides all the facilities related to training.
o MLAA has also a large training centre-cum-office in Shariatpur, which provides all the facilities related to training.
• Training Materials and Module: MLAA has developed a range of resource materials on legal aid, mediation and human rights, which are used as training materials as well as to disseminate and transmit knowledge. MLAA’s training modules are using as a resource to conduct different training session.
• Head Office: MLAA has its own three-storey head office building.
• Branch Offices: MLAA has 14 branch offices in three districts.
• Equipment and Assets: There is a generator, a laptop & computer, multimedia projector, photocopier, overhead projector, slide projector, camera, television, VCR, phone, e-mail and fax for the efficient implementation of the projects.


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